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Proposed reforms are likely to drive volume away from wholesalers and market makers, reports say

foreign country with stock market data

WSH provides information such as earnings dates, dividend dates and options expiration dates

Stock market quotes

Fed finds surge in SPACs and traditional IPOs drove 28% increase in listings

stock market down

Possible SEC reforms to order handling rules would reshape trading landscape: Moody's

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Six-year-old NEO Exchange strives to attract ETF providers

Financial stock exchange market display screen board on the street

Together, the Toronto Stock Exchange and the NEO Exchange added 85 ETFs in the first half of 2021

Stock market background design

Tips for advisors to ensure the best order execution


Companies that don’t meet diversity criteria must explain why they couldn’t comply 

The CSA said it expects timely and transparent disclosure of exchange and ATS glitches


The funds' change in listing venue will occur in March

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