The Canadian Securities Administrators has extended CanPX Inc.’s approval as an information processor until the end of 2008.

In July 2006, the CSA announced the opportunity for other entities to apply to be an information processor. A number of applications were received and reviewed. In October 2006, the CSA extended CanPX’s approval as an information processor for corporate fixed income securities until December 31. The extension was granted to CanPX to provide more certainty for its future operations and to ensure a smooth transition to a new information processor, in case a new entity was selected to perform this role.

In April a CSA notice was issued to seek comments from market participants on the summary of the applications received for the information processor, and to solicit feedback on a number of specific issues.

Today, it announced that, as it, “continues to consider the options for the approval of an information processor, or information processors, for the equity and corporate debt markets, and because an extension of CanPX’s approval as information processor for corporate debt securities remains important for ensuring a smooth transition to a new information processor, if a new entity is selected, the CSA has extended CanPX’s approval until December 31, 2008.”