Close-up Of Businessman With Tax Time Reminder Note On Alarm Clock At Desk

The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) will re-open its e-filing on Feb. 26, meaning Canadians will have a shorter window of time to file their taxes.

What was previously an 11-week time span has been reduced to nine weeks, says tax preparation firm H&R Block Canada Inc. in a news release.

EFILE is an automated service that allows CRA-approved tax preparation providers to send individual income tax return information to the agency directly from EFILE-certified tax preparation software.

Taxpayers may take their tax slips and supporting documents to a registered tax preparer and for a fee, the tax preparer will prepare their return and send it the CRA electronically using EFILE.

Returns must be filed on or before April 30.

“We’re seeing the CRA open their online portal to accept returns happening slightly later each year, which puts added pressure on Canadians to get organized and file on time,” says Lisa Gittens, H&R Block senior tax professional, in a statement.