Global Financial Group (GFG) reports that the British Columbia Securities Commission has published for a 30 day public comment period, the proposed recognition order to recognize egX Canada as an exchange under the BC Securities Act.

GFG says it will work with the BCSC to respond to any matters that may be brought forward during the comment period.

The recognition order will be effective when the BCSC commissioners approve it. BCSC staff anticipates that the commissioners will consider the proposed order and guidance in March 2007.

On receipt of a recognition order from the BCSC, GFG says it will seek exemptive relief from the other securities regulatory authorities in Canada to operate egX as a national exchange.

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the shareholders that have stood by us patiently and supported the company through the years of development and hard work to create the egX, the world’s first real estate securities exchange.” said Leo Chamberland, president and CEO of GFG, in a news release. “We share with you our excitement as we cross this major milestone in the establishment of our first marketplace under egX Canada.”

GFG urges all interested parties to read the application and send comments to the BCSC by February 26.

The company, through its wholly owned subsidiary egX Markets Inc., is developing the egX, a global securities exchange system designed for the listing and trading of real estate securities.