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TD Asset Management Inc. (TDAM) will expand its cash flow series options for certain TD Mutual Funds and TD Managed Assets Program (TD MAP) Portfolios, launch new U.S. dollar purchase options for certain TD MAP Portfolios, and introduce the F Series of TD Fixed Income Pool, the company announced Tuesday.

Cash flow series extensions and U.S. dollar purchase options

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The company will launch new FT8 series extensions, seeking to provide an 8% target annualized distribution rate option on select existing fee-based cash flow series, TDAM says in a release.

Additionally, TDAM will launch new cash flow series extensions for TD U.S. Blue Chip Equity Fund, providing investors with two potential payout rate options of 5% and 8% for the FT5 Series and FT8 Series respectively.

The series extensions aim to provide more options for investors who are seeking cash flow from their mutual fund investments, TDAM says.

TDAM will also launch new U.S. dollar purchase options on F-Series and W‑Series of certain TD MAP Portfolios to provide investors with additional U.S. dollar investment options to help meet their portfolio needs.

The series extensions and U.S. dollar purchase options will launch on or about Jan. 29. More information is available in the TDAM news release.

TD Fixed Income Pool

Separately, TDAM announced the introduction of the F-Series of TD Fixed Income Pool for fee-based accounts. The fund is designed to provide fixed income diversification through its exposure to Canadian and global debt.

“TD Fixed Income Pool offers an efficient way for investors to access fixed income markets from around the world. The active management and asset allocation decisions of the fund utilize the expertise of multiple investment management teams at TDAM, with the goal of seeking to deliver value, enhancing yield and diversifying risk,” says lead Geoff Wilson, portfolio manager and managing director, TDAM, in a statement.

“The fund can strategically and tactically adjust its credit and interest rate exposures to adapt to current and expected market conditions, to potentially minimize risk and help deliver stable long-term performance,” Wilson adds.