usiness investment opportunities on a global scale

Toronto-based TD Asset Management Inc. (TDAM) has launched a new mutual fund focused on investment opportunities from global equity markets, the firm announced Thursday.

TD Global Equity Focused Fund seeks to provide access to “high quality global companies that, in the manager’s view, have excellent business models, underestimated cash flow generation and solid growth potential,” the firm says in a news release..

The fund “strives to optimize diversification by industry, country and cash flow type, while using options and defensive currency hedging strategies when appropriate.”

“Our innovative portfolio construction process is designed to help identify companies that reinvest free cash flow at high rates over time, as our research shows these companies are better positioned to generate solid long-term returns,” lead portfolio manager, Damian Fernandes, vice president and director, TDAM, says in a statement. He and his team believe in fundamental diversification, he says, or “diversifying across business models and sources of cash flow generation.”

Separately, TDAM announced it plans to terminate the Epoch Global Shareholder Yield Currency Neutral Fund. The fund is now closed to additional purchases. Unitholders may redeem or switch their holdings in the terminating fund on or prior to Nov. 30.