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Dynamic Funds, a division of Toronto-based 1832 Asset Management LP, is making enhancements to its Dynamic Private Investment Pools program, the investment fund manager announced Wednesday.

Primarily used by fee-based advisors, the pools are managed by Dynamic’s portfolio managers and “are constructed as diversified, yet focused, multi-investment strategy pools,” Dynamic says in a news release.

Effective Oct. 30, the products will become accessible to more investors through the introduction of Series A securities on each pool and the reduction of prior investment minimums for the most common series (for Series A, F, FH, and T, the investment minimum will be $500. For Series I, $25,000, or in the case of Series I shares of Dynamic Alternative Managed Risk Private Pool Class, $10,000).

“With the addition of the Series A option and less restrictive investment minimums, advisors can now easily use the pools across all different types of accounts in their practice,” Mark Brisley, managing director, Dynamic Funds, says in a statement.

“As our pools grew in popularity with fee-based advisors, they asked us to open up the benefits of the product to more of their clients — from starter to high net-worth investors — so that managing their business would become simpler,” he adds.