Burgundy Asset Management Ltd. today announced proposed changes to the investment objectives for eleven funds and announced a proposed amendment to the trust agreement for all of the Burgundy Funds.

The proposed investment objective changes and the proposed amendment to the trust agreement would provide Burgundy with greater flexibility to respond to the needs of its investors. Both of the proposed changes are subject to investor approval.

The unitholders of each of Burgundy American Equity Fund, Burgundy Canadian Equity Fund, Burgundy European Equity Fund, Burgundy European Foundation Fund, Burgundy Focus Canadian Equity Fund, Burgundy Focus Equity RSP Fund, Burgundy Focus Japanese Equity Fund, Burgundy Foundation Trust Fund, Burgundy Partners’ Balanced RSP Fund, Burgundy Partners’ Equity RSP Fund and Burgundy Partners’ Global Fund will be asked to vote on proposed investment objective changes at special meetings of unitholders to be held on September 17, in Toronto.

In addition, Burgundy announced a proposed amendment to the amending provision in the trust agreement between RBC Dexia Investor Services Trust and Burgundy Asset Management Ltd. In order to make this change, Burgundy will be seeking the approval of the unitholders of each of the Burgundy Funds at special meetings to be held on September 17.

Investors will receive materials mid August that will include details of the proposed investment objective changes and proposed amendment to the trustaAgreement. Subject to obtaining investor approval for the proposed changes, the changes will take effect after the close of business on September 17.

Burgundy Asset Management is an investment counseling firm providing discretionary investment management services to private individuals, charitable foundations, endowments and pension funds.