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Toronto-based Bridgehouse Asset Managers, the trade name for Brandes Investment Partners & Co., is making changes to several income and equity funds.

Three funds will be merged into the Sionna Canadian Balanced Fund on or about May 3. They are: Brandes Global Balanced Fund, Sionna Monthly Income Fund, and Sionna Diversified Income Fund.

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Effective April 12, the Sionna Canadian Balanced Fund will be renamed Sionna Strategic Income Fund, and Bridgehouse will make the following changes: reduce the management fee for Series A and Series F to 1.80% and 0.80%, respectively; re-designate Series AN and FN as Series A and F; change the distribution policy to monthly (effective May 15); and change the investment strategies to include dividend-paying companies.

Sionna Canadian Small Cap Equity Fund will be merged into Sionna Opportunities Fund on or about May 3.

Brandes U.S. Small Cap Equity Fund will be merged into Brandes Global Small Cap Equity Fund on or about Aug. 23.

The mergers are subject to securityholder and regulatory approval.

Bridgehouse also notes that investors in the Lazard Global Compounders Fund whose individual account balance equals or exceeds $150,000 will automatically qualify for an additional 25 bps cost reduction for Series F and Series FH securities.