Canadian VC funding activity surges in 2016

Toronto-based BMO Investments Inc. announced on Monday it will be terminating Series NBA and NBF within four funds.

As of Oct. 21, Series NBA and Series NBF of BMO Bond Fund, BMO International Value Fund and BMO U.S. Equity Fund will no longer exist. Series NBA will also no longer apply to BMO Asset Allocation Fund on that same date.

The series within those specific funds are no longer available for additional purchases. Investors with continuous savings plans or pre-authorized contribution plans that apply to those specific funds will have those plans cancelled.

Investors within those series and funds can choose to hold them until the termination date, at which point those securities within a non-registered account will be fully redeemed and proceeds will be paid to the investors. Investments held in a registered account will be transferred automatically into BMO Money Market Fund.

Investors may also switch their Series NBA securities or Series NBF securities, if they are qualified, for securities of another BMO mutual fund, or redeem their securities entirely and receive the redemption proceeds in the normal course.

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