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Toronto-based BMO Asset Management Inc. (BMO AM) announced on Wednesday that it will consolidate the units of certain commodities-based ETFs that trade on the Toronto Stock Exchange.

The units of the following ETFs will be consolidated according to the ratios listed at the close of trading Jan. 25:

  • BMO Equal Weight Global Base Metals Hedged to CAD Index ETF (ZMT), 1:5
  • BMO Equal Weight Global Gold Index ETF (ZGD),1:5
  • BMO Equal Weight Oil & Gas Index ETF (ZEO), 1:5
  • BMO Junior Gas Index ETF (ZJN), 1:4
  • BMO Junior Gold Index ETF (ZJG), 1:6
  • BMO Junior Oil Index ETF (ZJO), 1:5

Units of these ETFs will begin trading on a post-consolidated basis on Jan. 28.