Toronto-based AGF Investments Inc. announced Tuesday that it will be shutting down several funds.

Harmony Balanced Growth Portfolio Class, Harmony Growth Portfolio Class, Harmony Growth Plus Portfolio Class, Harmony Maximum Growth Portfolio Class, Harmony Global Fixed Income Pool and Harmony Diversified Income Pool will be terminated on or about April 8, AGF says in a news release.

AGF says it is closing the funds due to: a small number of investors, relatively low assets and the associated costs of maintaining such small funds.

The funds are no longer available for purchase, including switches and pre-authorized purchase plans.

AGF is waiving the portfolio management fees and AGF’s portion of the management fees until the termination date. The funds may pay distributions before that time.

Unitholders may transfer their investments into any other Harmony Pool or Portfolio or redeem their units prior to the termination date, AGF says. Investors who do not do this will have their units transferred to the same series and purchase option of Harmony Money Market Pool, on or about April 5. Investors holding units in non-registered plans or intermediary-held accounts (both registered and non-registered) will have their units redeems on or about April 8, free of redemption fees and sales charges.