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Eric Cooperström has been appointed managing director, impact investing and natural climate solutions, with Hancock Natural Resource Group, a division of Manulife Investment Management.

In this newly created role, Cooperström will be responsible for enhancing the sustainability and responsible investing capabilities of Manulife’s timberland and agriculture teams, both of which aim to remove carbon emissions from the atmosphere.

“We believe forests and farms are natural climate solutions, and we see removing carbon from the atmosphere and storing it in trees and soils as a viable option for investors who are looking to optimize and prioritize carbon sequestration,” said Brian Kernohan, chief sustainability officer, private markets, Manulife Investment Management, in a release.

Cooperström, who previously was a senior director at NatureVest, the impact investment arm of the Nature Conservancy, is based in San Francisco. He will report Kernohan in his new role.