Toronto-based Sun Life Financial Inc. has launched Sun Life GO, a 10-minute streamlined life insurance application for busy Canadians “on the go.”

Although the application is accessible to computer users, it’s designed so that Canadians short on time can apply on their smartphones or tablets during an idle moment in their day. Sun Life GO also has a save and resume feature, allowing applicants to pause midway and finish their application later.

“Life’s increased demands was a big driver behind GO,” says Isabelle Hudon, executive chairwoman at Sun Life Financial Quebec and senior vice president of client solutions at Sun Life Financial. “So we’ve made it simple and fast. The application can be completed on your smartphone while you wait to buy groceries.”

Sun Life GO is an “omni-channel experience,” the firm says. This means the process can cater to an applicant’s channel of choice, such as online, phone or face-to-face. Licensed financial services consultants are also available for additional support as are Sun Life advisors if Canadians are seeking a more personalized financial plan that includes insurance.

“This is another example of our commitment to being easy to do business with,” says Kevin Dougherty, president of Sun Life Financial. “We’re investing heavily in digital offerings that are timely, relevant and convenient.”

Sun Life GO products include:

> Guaranteed life insurance
This application has no questions to complete and a guaranteed acceptance regardless of any health issues. Insurance is available to those 30 to 74 years of age, with a maximum coverage of $25,000.

> Simplified term life insurance
The simplified term life application has only three health questions and is available for those aged 18 to 69, with a maximum coverage of $100,000.

> Term life insurance
For term life insurance, the application includes 11 questions and no fluids or vitals are required if applicants are deemed healthy and under the age of 40. Term life is available for ages 18 to 69 with a maximum coverage of $1 million.

Other insurance products, such as critical illness, are also available on the Sun Life GO platform.

Photo copyright: antonioguillem/123RF