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Although financial advisors depend on their firms for many unique reasons, including specialized support services, there are some things that are more important to advisors and to their businesses than others, according to the results of Investment Executive’s annual Report Card series.

Advisors who participated in these surveys not only provided their firms a performance rating on a scale of zero to 10 in many categories, they also rated the importance of those categories on that same scale, with zero meaning “unimportant” and 10 meaning “critically important.” These importance ratings give a sense of what matters most to advisors and to their businesses.

In some cases, firms are meeting advisors’ expectations on what matters most, as is evident from the categories’ small “satisfaction gaps.” Conversely, the wide satisfaction gaps of other categories indicate that there are some areas in which firms are falling short. (A satisfaction gap is the difference between a category’s performance and importance ratings.)

This slideshow takes a closer look at the categories that received the highest overall average importance ratings in 2018; why advisors believe these categories are so important to them and their businesses; and how those ratings compared to their firm’s performance ratings since 2009.

Advisors’ Report Card 2018: What matters most to advisors