Robo-advisor introduces client tool to encourage financial planning

Oakville, Ont.-based robo-advisor Invisor Investment Management Inc. has launched a tool to help Canadians keep track of their financial goals.

Specifically, InvisorGPS is meant to provide investors with a broader picture of their financial plans.

“It was always our intention to evolve our online investment offer to a more robust and holistic financial planning experience,” says Pramod Udiaver, co-founder and CEO of Invisor, in a statement. The robo-advisor first launched in 2015 and is now a registered portfolio manager in Ontario, British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba.

InvisorGPS allows investors to do several tasks, including setting short- and long-term goals, whether it’s for a major purchase or retirement; identify how long it will take them to reach their goals based on their current savings and investment accounts; track their progress toward their stated goals; receive life and health insurance needs analysis; and gain access to portfolio managers and insurance advisors.

“We want Canadians to start bringing their financial plans to life,” said Udiaver, “and these new tools will make it easier, faster, and more cost-effective than ever.”

InvisorGPS is available to anyone, regardless whether they have opened an investment account with the robo-advisor.

Invisor client portfolios are crafted using both ETFs and mutual funds. Invisor is also licensed to sell life and health insurance products in Ontario and Manitoba through Invisor Insurance Services Inc.

Photo copyright: julos/123RF