FPSC makes changes to its board of directors

The Toronto-based Private Capital Markets Association of Canada (PCMA) has appointed nine new members to its board of directors.

This will bring the total number of directors to 26. The board is being expanded in part to improve regional representation and ensure strength and continuity of leadership from the PCMA, according to an announcement released on Tuesday.

The new members are:

  • Craig Burrows, president and CEO of Calgary-based TriView Capital Ltd.
  • Richard Carleton, CEO of Toronto-based CNSX Markets Inc.
  • John Fabello, partner at Torys LLP in Toronto
  • Richard Gervais, vice president of corporate finance at KPMG LLP in Toronto
  • Neil Hutton, partner at Calgary-based McLeod Law LLP
  • Victoria Kouzmichova, chief compliance officer at Edmonton-based Raintree Financial Solutions
  • Allison Taylor, CEO and chief compliance officer at Calgary-based Invico Capital Corp.
  • William Tharp, chairman and CEO of Toronto-based Climate Change Infrastructure Corp.
  • Nadine Wellwood, president and chief compliance officer at Cochrane, Alb.-based WealthTerra Capital Management Inc.

“We are privileged to welcome and eager to begin working with this group of heavy hitters, who bring a wealth of talent and a deep commitment to the PCMA,” says Doug Bedard, chairman of the PCMA’s board of directors, in a statement.

Photo copyright: archman/123RF