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Investors' appetites for environmentally sensitive alternatives is growing, EY finds

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Venture capital investing had a record quarter, reaching $1.28 billion

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Survey of venture capital and private equity firms shows room for improvement

  • By: IE Staff
  • June 27, 2019 October 31, 2019
  • 14:51
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Think tank calls for capital gains tax exemption for certain investments in small businesses, among other measures

businessman documents smart phone digital tablet graph business diagram

‘Mega deals’ carried VC, while high valuations hurt PE deals

  • By: IE Staff
  • May 28, 2019 October 31, 2019
  • 12:46

Private investment funds often are marketed as a cure-all to low interest rates and equities market volatility

There will be no changes to the pool's investment objectives

  • By: IE Staff
  • February 11, 2019 October 17, 2019
  • 10:22
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Kim Furlong's resumé includes positions in biotech and as an advisor to federal cabinet ministers

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Consumer spending has been a strong driver of PE interest

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Sylvain Brosseau leads Walter Asset Management’s efforts to consolidate small-and medium-sized firms

  • June 11, 2018 July 22, 2019
  • 14:00