The National Exempt Market Association (NEMA) launched a new website on Thursday to educate investors and advisors about exempt market securities basics.

As interest in the exempt market grows, says Craig Skauge, president, NEMA, it’s important to have more information available to investors and potential investors.

Visitors to the website will find an overview of the difference between exempt market securities and traditional investments as well as the investor qualifications for each province, tips on navigating the exempt market and links to financial planning resources.

The website’s material is meant to speak to the general public, says Cora Pettipas, vice-president, NEMA, rather than to a sophisticated advisor audience.

However, Skauge says the website is a useful tool for financial advisors outside of the retail exempt market who wish to have a better understanding of the space.

While NEMA hopes to hear feedback on the site and plans to keep it updated, for the most part the site will remain the same so long as there are no changes to the current regulatory environment.

“[The site] matches the framework,” says Skauge, “and we want to keep it in tune with that.”