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An online platform designed to facilitate the private placement process has announced several new features.

DealSquare, which launched in October 2019, allows dealers, investment advisors and capital raisers to execute private placements online. Its latest version — DealSquare2.0 — offers “full digitization and automation of the private placement process,” a release said.

New features include electronic signing, which allows advisors to perform online order entry and subscription execution; online order book management for dealers and issuers, including electronic closing; and improvements to the user experience.

“With DealSquare 2.0, we have fully digitized the private markets,” Peter-Paul Van Hoeken, founder and managing director of DealSquare, said in a statement. “We now provide one centralized online platform where dealers and advisors can list and share private placements with their clients and execute investments.”

DealSquare was developed by NEO and Silver Maple Ventures Inc.