cannabis leaf in hand close up

Toronto-based Learnedly Canada Inc. has launched a new course entitled Cannabis: Compliance and Ethics that will focus on how the recent legalization of cannabis will impact workplace policies and client/financial advisor interactions surrounding cannabis.

For client-facing financial professionals, the current rules regarding the use of cannabis either are vague or don’t exist. The course is designed to help advisors create conversations with their employers regarding cannabis use and navigate social situations in which cannabis may be present.

Some of these situations may include cannabis use during client appreciation events, lunches, and other social events, such as a baseball game. Ethical dilemmas also may arise if advisors purchase or are gifted cannabis from clients, who may be licensed dealers or otherwise.

“We wanted to provide a course that made it easy for financial professionals to understand the new laws on recreational cannabis use and, at the same time, provide some guidance on how employers can revise workplace policies to strike a balance between a company’s objectives and the rights of its employees,” says John Waldron, founder of Learnedly, in a statement.

“For Canadian financial professionals, current laws and workplace policies do not cover all situations,” he adds. “They will need to rely on Standards of Conduct, Codes of Ethic and their responsibility to the industry.”

Learnedly provides courses for advisors via a mobile app available on iOS and Android devices.

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