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The Financial Consumer Agency of Canada (FCAC) on Thursday announced the appointment of nine members to its new Consumer Protection Advisory Committee.

The committee is chaired by commissioner Lucie Tedesco and supports the agency’s financial consumer protection mandate.

“In today’s rapidly changing and increasingly complex financial marketplace, strengthening collaboration is essential,” says Tedesco, in a statement. “This new committee will broaden stakeholder engagement beyond traditional players, enhancing FCAC’s capacity to identify and respond to emerging financial consumer protection issues.

The new members will work to strengthen consumer protection by informing FCAC’s supervision work, research initiatives and the development of consumer education material. Members will also share their perspectives on the changing nature of the financial sector, marketplace trends and emerging issues. Their role is to contribute their expertise in the best interest of financial consumers.

The members of the committee are:

  • Marie Elaine Farley, Chambre de la sécurité financière, Montreal
  • Maryse Guénette, Option Consommateurs, Montreal
  • Scott Hannah, Credit Counselling Society, New Westminster, B.C.
  • Luc Hervé Thibaudeau, Lavery, De Billy Law Firm, Montreal
  • George Iny, Automobile Protection Association, Montreal
  • Marc Lacoursière, Université Laval, Faculté de droit, Quebec
  • Kelley Keehn, personal finance educator/consumer advocate, Edmonton
  • Don Mercer, Consumers Council of Canada, Ladysmith, B.C.
  • Louise Simbandumwe, Supporting Employment & Economic Development, Winnipeg.