Smartphone with finance and market icons and symbols concept

Industrial Alliance Insurance and Financial Services Inc. (IA Financial Group) has reached an important phase in its shift to digital by integrating group savings and retirement plans in its mobile app, IA Mobile, the Quebec City-based company announced Tuesday.

Plan members can use IA Mobile to track the growth of their retirement savings and their investment returns, see where they are on the way to their retirement goal, and determine whether the composition of their investment portfolio still fits their investor profile.

Group savings and retirement users join the several thousand group insurance plan members who already use the IA Financial Group mobile app.

“iA Financial Group uses digital technologies to get closer to its plan members and offer each one the ability to interact with the company in a way that fits their preferences, to encourage proactive commitment and to allow them to attain better financial health, says Valérie Lelièvre, senior director, marketing, communications and product development, group benefits and retirement solutions, in a statement.