The Ontario Securities Commission (OSC) is looking for new members to sit on its Market Structure Advisory Committee (MSAC).

Established in 2011, the committee serves as a forum for discussing issues related to market structure, the OSC says. It also provides input to the commission to help it develop policy and formulate rules in this area.

Between new entrants, such as Aequitas NEO Exchange, and planned changes at the TMX, the industry is increasingly grappling with ways to address the sorts of cost, access and fairness problems created under the current market structure.

Regulators are also considering their own approaches to market fragmentation, maker-taker fee models, and market data costs.

“Members are selected for their extensive knowledge of the Canadian capital markets and market structure, and strong knowledge of the regulatory requirements in securities legislation in Canada,” the OSC says.

Serving two-year terms, the 12 to 15 committee members meet four or more times annually. The MSAC is currently chaired by Susan Greenglass, director of the OSC’s market regulation branch.

Interested applicants, particularly those with industry experience and expertise in market structure issues, can apply to serve on the committee. The OSC says that it is “looking for members with experience from a variety of different perspectives.”

Applications are due by July 4.