The Ontario Securities Commission (OSC) on Wednesday announced the membership of the Market Structure Advisory Committee (MSAC) for the 2017-19 term.

The MSAC considers issues associated with the trading landscape and market structure. It also provides the OSC with input on regulatory policy and rule-making initiatives that deal with these sorts of issues.

“The Market Structure Advisory Committee brings together a wealth of experience and knowledge, and we look forward to continuing to receive valuable input from the committee,” says Susan Greenglass, director of market regulation, OSC, in a statement.

The list of committee members, who are to serve two year terms starting Oct. 1, includes well-known market structure experts such as Doug Clark, ITG Canada Corp.; along with representatives from various brokerage firms; trading venues; market-making firm Citadel Securities Canada; Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan; Andreas Park, University of Toronto; and Norm Cappell, independent member.