A former financial advisor who duped several NHL players and other investors out of millions has been sent to prison for his misdeeds.

The U.S. attorney’s office for the Eastern District of New York announced that a former advisor, Phillip Kenner, was sentenced to 17 years in jail by a U.S. federal court judge after being convicted of various fraud and conspiracy charges.

The convictions stem from investment schemes that purportedly took millions from investors, including several former NHL players.

The government alleged that Kenner and co-conspirator Tommy Constantine diverted millions of dollars from investors into a “labyrinth of holding companies” for their own use, including a failed attempt to buy Playboy Enterprises.

“This sentence is just for Mr. Kenner who deserves his time in the penalty box,” said Jonathan Larsen, special agent-in-charge with the Internal Revenue Services’ (IRS) criminal division.

Constantine, who was also convicted, is still awaiting sentencing.

The court previously ordered about US$17 million in forfeiture in this case and will also assess an amount for restitution at a future date.