The U.S. Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) on Monday launched a review of its rules governing brokers’ outside business and private securities transactions to evaluate whether the rules are working as intended.

“These rules were designed to protect investors from potentially problematic or risky activities that are unknown to the firm but could be perceived by the investing public as either part of the firm’s business or having the firm’s imprimatur. In addition, the rules protect firms from reputational or litigation risks when employees engage in business and securities activities outside of the firm,” FINRA says in statement.

The review aims to examine whether the rules are effective in dealing with the kinds of problems they were intended to address, FINRA notes.

The regulator is also seeking feedback on the economic impact of the rules, and potential compliance challenges.

“Regularly reviewing significant rules to ensure they remain effective at protecting investors in an efficient manner is a key priority that aligns with our FINRA360 initiative,” says Robert Cook, president and CEO, FINRA, in a statement. “Successful self-regulation requires continuous renewal and improvement. Meaningful dialogue with stakeholders is essential to that process.”

Comments on the review are due by June 29.