Canada Life Wealth Management


At Canada Life, we have a long history of serving Canadians. Our customers have trusted us to provide for their financial security needs for more than 170 years. What does this mean for advisors and customers?

We have strength and stability

We’ve been focused on improving the financial, physical and mental well-being of our customers through some significant events— the Great Depression, the 1970s oil crisis, the burst of the dot-com bubble and the 2008 financial crisis. We’re continuing that focus today as we adjust to new ways of working and living with the COVID-19 pandemic.

Through it all, we’ve provided strength and stability and we continue to deliver on the promises we’ve made. Our history in insurance is a great example of this—we manage the largest participating life insurance account in Canada and have been a leader in this space for generations. We’ve built expert teams and winning investment strategies where managing risk and providing security for our customers is our primary objective. We balance this with our focus on achieving stable, long-term investment returns to help ensure we meet the needs of Canadians for years to come.

We have a unique perspective

While the needs of Canadians are always evolving and being shaped by their individual circumstances and market events, there are a few fundamentals that are evergreen, including the need and desire for holistic financial advice.The foundation of any financial plan should include both insurance and investment options. As an industry-leading insurance company with more than 23,000 advisors, we offer clients a full picture of their unique financial situation with a full range of products to complement it.

We have a segregated fund shelf that advisors and customers can feel confident in

As an insurance company, we’re in a unique position to help meet the changing needs of Canadians and to continue to support them through market events. For example, segregated funds are available exclusively through insurance companies. Given the recent market environment, many investors may be realizing that a well-rounded, resilient portfolio and sound advice are the keys to weathering the storm—and even succeeding—when markets are volatile.

Segregated funds can be great building blocks for any portfolio. They give clients the opportunity to grow their wealth in the financial markets, while also offering insurance protection to guarantee the money they invest at death and maturity. They also feature options like resets, which can help clients lock-in market gains and protect their savings when markets are volatile.

We’ve been elevating and simplifying our segregated fund offering. Last fall, we delivered a new, curated Canada Life segregated fund shelf, taking the best of the best from our previous Great-West Life, London Life and Canada Life shelves. I’m excited to announce that on May 11, we’re adding nine new global mandates to ensure we have a relevant, competitive and well-rounded offering designed to meet clients’ needs through a full market cycle.

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