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  1. Canadian Press
    Regulator deems the committed fraud “among the largest in British Columbia history”
  2. IE Staff
    New this week: TSX forms; U.S. exempt market rules.
  3. James Langton
    Florida company offering to buy Maitland Capital or First Global Ventures S.A. shares
  4. James Langton
    Regulator sought guidance on the standard of proof and evidence required to prove illegal insider trading allegations
  5. James Langton
    No registration necessary for employees working in Canada serving U.S. clients
  6. James Langton
    Revised exemption will allow smaller companies to sell up to US$50 million of securities in a 12-month period
  7. James Langton
    Information passed on to brokers in three of six cases, panel finds
  8. James Langton
    The UK ban would apply to any add-on sales of regulated or unregulated products offered alongside financial primary products
  9. Alexandra Posadzki
    Genworth making changes to underwriting practices
  10. IE Staff
    Titan Equity not licensed to conduct syndicated mortgage brokering business in Ontario