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  1. Leah Golob
    Changing firms? Your old company “owns” your clients, but you can take steps to rekindle those relationships
  2. Leah Golob
    Well researched, visually appealing documents help support your arguments
  3. Leah Golob
    Communicating your strategy and staying in touch are key
  4. Leah Golob
    It’s what you do with the results that counts
  5. Leah Golob
    A three-part series on client newsletters
  6. Leah Golob
    Recapping your meetings helps build trust, align expectations
  7. Leah Golob
    Give lots of notice and make it unique
  8. Leah Golob
    Consider your target audience’s interests and needs
  9. Special Feature

    Get the party started

    Leah Golob
    A three-part series on client-appreciation events
  10. Leah Golob
    Client appreciation is key to deepening relationships