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  1. Tessie Sanci
    Give them the tools to make a good choice
  2. Tessie Sanci
    Available high-tech — and low-tech — tools can give you the edge
  3. Dan Richards
    Customize this template to reflect your views, especially when it comes to recommendations for the period ahead.
  4. Special Feature

    Rough waters

    Dan Richards
    What to say to clients about the third quarter and an outlook for the period ahead
  5. Dwarka Lakhan
    Know your clients and provide information that’s important to them
  6. Tessie Sanci
    Getting out from behind your computer screen and talking to your clients will make you stand out
  7. Dwarka Lakhan
    Engage your audience and deliver your message with confidence
  8. Wendy Cuthbert
    Make adjustments to accommodate your older clients’ physical and mental limitations
  9. Wendy Cuthbert
    Senior clients represent an important market, but dealing with them requires patience
  10. Tessie Sanci
    Preparation key to managing sartorial mishaps