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  1. Tessie Sanci
    “Walk a mile in your client’s shoes” and make an emotional connection
  2. Dwarka Lakhan
    Make it a continuous discovery process
  3. Dwarka Lakhan
    When introducing yourself to a prospect, preparation is key
  4. Tessie Sanci
    To build confidence, rehearse often and check your equipment
  5. JoAnne Sommers
    Consider an organized strategy and, at the very least, send a card
  6. JoAnne Sommers
    The key is to strike the right tone and don’t be promotional
  7. Special Feature

    Celebrating the season

    IE Staff
    A four-part series on holiday parties for advisors
  8. Tessie Sanci
    The most common frustration is relatively easy to fix
  9. Clare O'Hara
    Client gift ideas for the holidays and throughout the year
  10. Clare O'Hara
    Many advisors show their appreciation with gift certificates, but personalized presents can help you stand out