Building your Business

  • Common holiday party mistakes

    Practice Management

    Treat your staff to a festive get-together, but don’t talk shop

  • Casual Friday: Take a digital detox


    Occasionally getting up from your computer and switching off your mobile device can help you reconnect with others — and yourself

  • Millennials: Keeping goals in sight

    Financial Planning

    You can motivate young clients to save, even in the face of massive student debt

  • The boomerang effect

    Financial Planning

    Millennials may need financial help from their parents, but they also need to learn lessons in order to gain independence

  • The “succession” conversation

    Client Communications

    Once you have mapped out your exit plan, how and when you inform your clients is critical

  • Developing a Twitter strategy

    Sales & Marketing

    Devise a consistent routine of checking in, sharing and responding

  • When should you part ways with a client?

    Client Communications

    You and a client may find your needs are no longer aligned

  • Key steps to mentorship success

    Practice Management

    Developing a process that will underpin the relationship between mentor and mentee can help the partnership flourish

  • Treat your clients to family-friendly events

    Client Communications

    A popular kids’ movie or a trip to a museum can help show your clients you appreciate their business

  • Finding the right mentor

    Practice Management

    A well-suited mentor is not necessarily someone who is more experienced than you, and he or she may even be in a different industry

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