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Report Card on Banks 2016

Most financial advisors in the banking channel are casting a critical eye on their respective firms and taking them to task over the numerous failings they see at their banks, ranging through the back office to consumer advertising and the way the banks take stock of advisors' feedback.

In this Special Feature

  • Bank advisors cast a critical eye

    Given the many changes to this year's Report Card, firms' lower ratings may not be that much of a surprise

    Report Card on Banks
  • Report Card on Banks 2016 main chart

    How advisors rated their firms

    Report Card on Banks
  • Greater focus needed in advertising

    Advisors would like to see their banks promote financial planning rather than only mortgages in their advertisements

    Report Card on Banks
  • Banking model proves to be successful

    Advisors with banks, who tend to be younger than brokerage and dealer reps and get paid mostly by salary, are holding their own

    Report Card on Banks
  • Are robo-advisors a looming threat?

    There's much debate about how robo-advisors will impact the traditional financial services sector

    Report Card on Banks
  • Major focus on financial planning

    Banks are improving their financial planning tools as the practice becomes more important to the firms and their advisors

    Report Card on Banks
  • Banks, advisors failing to communicate

    Advisors have opportunities to make their voices heard, but many complain that their firms do very little with the feedback

    Report Card on Banks
  • Seniors’ issues take centre stage

    Banks are well prepared to deal with the unique issues affecting aging Canadians

    Report Card on Banks
  • Back-office blunders continue

    Although most advisors say back-office functions need improving, some firms are meeting their advisors' expectations

    Report Card on Banks