A new website will provide young people answers to common questions about insurance and help them calculate how much coverage they will need

By Tessie Sanci |

The Canadian Life and Health Insurance Association Inc. (CLHIA) has launched a website designed to get young people thinking about the benefits of life insurance coverage. is an interactive platform on which visitors can find answers to common questions about life insurance; calculate how much coverage their survivors will need; and access direct links to insurance companies' websites to compare offerings. 

"Life insurance is not something that most people, especially young people, want to think about, so we created to provide a brief but compelling introduction to what it is, and why it's important," says Frank Swedlove, president and CEO of CLHIA, in a statement on Tuesday. "Using straightforward language, helpful tools and engaging video, we hope to provide young adults with relatable information on a key step in their long-term financial planning."

Photo copyright: CLHIA