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Three stuffed money bags

The SEC has now paid almost US$400 million to whistleblowers

Block letters spelling fraud, with magnifying glass

Whistleblowers "crucial" in protecting retail investors

Three stuffed money bags

The whistleblower reported misconduct to another agency and was still rewarded


Three victims of fraud notified SEC of scheme targeting retail investors


The increases came in spite of the U.S. federal government shutdown


A sports auction site allegedly required investors to sign an agreement stating they would not report violations to the SEC


Latest tip leads to a US$7 million reward

Closeup of mallet being hit on stacked coins at table in courtroom

A tipster was awarded US$1.8 million for reporting misconduct committed overseas

wind turbines farm on green field

Trade group also calls for action on tax reform and money laundering


The duo provided "significant information" that led to an investigation