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a man on a precipice

The stakes are growing in the standoff in Washington over raising the nation's debt limit


Despite the first-quarter slowdown, consumer spending reflected confidence

NFC - Near field communication mobile payment

Consumers face challenges in the second half of the year, including tighter credit and a weaker job market

Wall street sign in New York with American flags and New York Stock Exchange background.

The lawsuit, initially filed in September 2010, was set to go to trial next month

Frustrated man calculating bills and tax expenses

The job market is cooling but remains strong by historic standards

Modern urban skyscrapers in downtown Chicago from below to the blue summer sky. Sun reflecting in the glass facades of the urban futuristic buildings. Chicago, Illinois, USA

Reassure clients to keep them focused on their long-term objectives

Federal Reserve building in Washington DC, US. Close up of a top part of the building with eagle statue.

Officials want to see inflation decline consistently before considering major policy shifts

A man in a suit walking up concrete steps.

Customers pulled out more than US$100 billion in deposits after SVB and Signature Bank failed

Fisheye and Aerial View of Beijing Skyline at Night

A strong rebound in China boosts first quarter growth

Close up of businessman hands making handshake - greeting, dealing, merger and acquisition concepts

Toronto-based firm said it would use proceeds from the sale to pay down debt