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Stock prices tumbled and bond yields rose as many investors feared a more aggressive Federal Reserve

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The economic contraction meets one informal sign of recession

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The improvement stemmed from the economy moving from recovery to steady growth

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Wednesday's report increased hope that the modest slowdown might enable the Fed to slow the pace of its rate increases

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Even with the economy recording a second straight quarter of negative GDP, many economists do not regard it as constituting a recession

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Strong U.S. jobs numbers could spur more Fed hikes

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Index declined for second month in a row

  • By: Matt Ott
  • June 28, 2022 June 28, 2022
  • 10:55
Modern urban skyscrapers in downtown Chicago from below to the blue summer sky. Sun reflecting in the glass facades of the urban futuristic buildings. Chicago, Illinois, USA

The Canadian banking industry's push south comes after U.S. President Joe Biden issued a broad executive order calling for increased competition

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At a hearing, the U.S. Treasury Secretary was pressed on the causes of inflation

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The lowest monthly gain in a year was likely enough to keep the Fed on track to pursue aggressive policy