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Filling out Canadian tax documents

Two forms can eliminate a tax refund for 2023

income tax

Clients can make corrections on previously filed documents through online channels or using a paper form

Filling out Canadian tax documents

Proactive collaboration is critical for resolution, client well-being

The government has proposed automated returns for simple tax situations

enior couple meeting advisor

Three topics to discuss with your clients before the end of the year

Woman face down on desk, overwhelmed by debt and calculations with calculator

MEI calls for simplification of tax system and reduction of tax rates

professional woman meeting male advisor

Advisors can play a huge role in helping clients understand how taxes affect their investments

Businessman takes bag of money from another businessman.

Canadians should fill out paperwork to reduce the tax they pay every pay period, CIBC's Jamie Golombek says

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  • April 4, 2019 October 17, 2019
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Hand with chalk is drawing Risk and reward balance scale on the chalkboard

The choice between saving or reducing debt has become an increasingly important decision

Getting a tax refund is a sign of poor tax planning, so help clients reduce the taxes their employers withhold for the rest of 2017