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Wood homes under construction

Consultation considers array of tools to address rising debt service risks

House placed on coins Men's hand is planning savings money of coins to buy a home concept concept for property ladder, mortgage and real estate investment. for saving or investment for a house,

Keeping buffers amid rising risks reflects prudence

Compliance Rules Law Regulation Policy Business Technology concept.

Policymakers call for enhanced liquidity management measures

Lots of smoking chimneys in a dark environment

Good data is scarce and lending to heavy polluters is large, Fitch notes

European Union headquarters

European regulators call for work to address differences in operational risk exposure

Upset stressed young Asian business man in suit with hands on head sitting on stairs. Unemployment and layoff concept.

Annual Fed stress test projects over US$600 billion in bank losses

foreign country with stock market data

The large, opaque market has filled a void but created new risks that are hard to detect

Man painting pollution green

ESMA considers how climate risks could arise for clearing firms

A global network of investment points

Canada could beef up mortgage stress rules, report suggests


The big bank's resilience to stress scenarios could drive higher ratings