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Clients now get protection for at least 90% of their death benefits, seg fund guarantees and other coverages if their life insurer fails

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The breach, which affected clients of InvestorCOM, has compromised information related to Empire Life's seg funds and mutual funds

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Ban should apply in provinces that have yet to announce it, regulators say

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Insurance regulators promised new guidance on upfront compensation structures

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Ahead of the proposed DSC ban for seg funds, a familiar refrain is in play

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CSA and CCIR finalize CRM3 rules, give industry until 2026 to adopt

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Final rules for a ban beginning June 1 were sent to the finance minister for approval

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Doing well last year meant preserving capital and minimizing losses

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FSRA also reiterated that it wants clients to be protected from seg fund deferred sales charges, regardless of when the funds were purchased

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Quebec regulator proposes $5,000 penalty if insurers charge DSCs for seg funds

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