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Helping your clients decide how much to take out, and when, involves many variables

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Strategic withdrawals allow clients to smooth out their income levels over retirement

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Changes to RESPs and RDSPs, caps on payday loans and leeway to increase the CDIC limit are all law now

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Study argues for providing Canadians more retirement savings room, allowing OAS/CPP deferral after 70

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Study examines whether assumptions that underlie RRIF withdrawal factors are still appropriate


Department of Finance will wrap up its study in June

Elder couple planning

Financial planners must consider the complexity of client circumstances, according to research from FP Canada's foundation

Financial protection for the future, nest egg, retirement savings

Current RRIF minimum withdrawal rules put seniors at risk of outliving their savings

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The Finance Department is studying RRIFs in response to a House of Commons motion

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In many cases, doing nothing is the best option