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Wealth preservation is key — and so are returns

CIFPs 2017: Advisors lack framework for risk tolerance assessment

Shawn Brayman, president & CEO, PlanPlus Inc., highlights the lack of consistent standards regarding how advisors assess a client’s risk tolerance, and explains why the profession needs to define common guidelines.

Three common client-survey mistakes

The tool assesses investors’ risk tolerance by asking them 15 questions that account for psychological and behavioural finance factors

Risks faced by retired clients

A new report on a roundtable discussion notes participants in the session agreed regulators should establish minimum standards for risk assessments

IAP roundtable to discuss risk profiling and retail advice

PlanPlus’s Shawn Brayman honoured for research into risk profiling, and its role in the advice process in Canada

Advice needed on retirement income strategies, report finds

Create a realistic view of how much investment risk they can handle

New disclosure rules may be here, but there is still lack of agreement on how investment risks should be measured

The discussion must be personal because every client is unique

Questionnaires consist of too few and poorly worded questions

The goal is help firms and advisors gain a better understanding of their clients