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financial risk

Regulator's new guidance to take effect in May 2024

Demand for strategic review hangs over upcoming AGM

Silicon Valley Bank storefront

The rating agency downgraded 11 U.S. banks and lowered its rating outlooks on nine others

rules and regulations

Changes to dealer rules, trading rules aim to facilitate shorter settlement cycle

Silicon Valley Bank storefront

Policymakers to consider reforms in wake of U.S. bank turmoil

Businessman remove one piece from jenga tower Risk management concept metaphor

Housing market, bank liquidity and the commercial real estate sector top the regulator's list of concerns


Regulator seeks feedback on FSB recommendations for addressing crypto risks

roped off area

Lack of data makes it tough to assess stability risks, Moody's warns

rock climbing risk

Regulators prevented broader crisis, but balance sheet risks still lurk, Moody's warns

Pile of cryptocurrency coins

Strategies aim to outperform traditional buy-and-hold approaches