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mining truck

Accelerating decarbonization plans will help mining firms face the future

Oil well with the pump jack in action. Alberta

Slow global economic growth has taken a toll on natural resources, but monetary and fiscal stimuli could prove a boon to the sector when markets recover

Amid hard times, strong companies can get stronger, says CI’s Bob Lyon.

Tax deductions for capital spending will be spread over a longer period of time

In part three, the managers outline their portfolio strategies and share their views on several of the biggest names in Canada’s energy sector

Some fund portfolio managers are focusing on stock selection in this tough environment. However, commodity prices should start to improve in 2015 as growth in the global economy gains steam

Part one of the roundtable focuses on North American energy stocks

Manulife’s Chris Arbuthnot says junior firms in the sector are substantially undervalued

Many global strategists and portfolio managers think resources are entering a new phase in which demand will grow, albeit not at the frenetic pace that kept pushing energy and mining share prices higher in the past decade. That doesn’t mean commodity prices will drop significantly, but it does suggest that we may not see sustained […]

Commodities had a rocky ride in 2011, but some fund managers say the outlook is brighter for 2012