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Years of tough cuts have hit the governing Liberals hard. But with the once huge deficit under control and a surplus on the books, the Liberals may be about to open government coffers

In a surprise win, Valérie Plante is Montreal's new mayor. Her close attention to spending restraint seemed persuasive for many voters

  • By: Andy Riga
  • December 1, 2017 December 1, 2017
  • 00:30

Promoting intergenerational equity will require interprovincial co-operation

A family of two adults and two children that earns $88,000 a year will see a tax reduction of $1,200

Carlos Leitão will give details when he releases an economic update today

“Middle tax brackets” will benefit from cuts, finance minister says

Proposed bill would result in fundamental shift in Quebec

New rules in Quebec would allow consumers to buy life insurance online

Montreal's rejuvenated economy is adding jobs on several fronts. But those who helped make it happen may not be re-elected

  • By: Andy Riga
  • October 13, 2017 October 13, 2017
  • 00:30

The defeat of the budget-balancing B.C. Liberals may hold a sobering lesson for Quebec's Liberals