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High court rejects B.C. residents' challenge in alleged market manipulation case

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Interim executive director, Eric Jacob, to take the role permanently, starting Nov. 13

Quebec and Canadian Flags`

AMF, provincial government approve delegation of powers to SRO

Quebec Parliament building

Ottawa to follow la belle province in offering pre-filled returns

Quebec flag billowing in the breeze

The province is also increasing the maximum age for applying for a retirement pension to 72 from 70

Louis Morisset speaks to the Canadian Club in February

Outgoing president and CEO Louis Morisset says youth and self-directed investors are particularly vulnerable in an age of misinformation

Chateau Frontenac in Quebec city

Weak growth more likely than recession: Finance Minister

Quebec flag billowing in the breeze

Trade group calls on provincial finance minister to review fund dealer oversight

Quebec parliament

Premier accused Montrealers of looking down on people in the Quebec City-Lévis region

Anglophone rights could be a major issue in certain regions