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the canadian parliament and library during the fall

Morneau said it came as no surprise that the provinces would be requesting more funding at the meeting

Provincial tax competitiveness chart, Investment Executive, November 2019, p26

There have been cuts this year, but high government debt loads are likely to prevent a tax-cut bonanza

Table: Deficits not the only story in 2019-2020

While Ontario and Alberta grapple with big deficits, Quebec and B.C. boast surpluses

With various provincial elections slated for next year and uncertainty surrounding the introduction of a federal carbon tax, there were not many tax changes implemented by the provinces this year. B.C. was a notable outlier

cannabis leaf in hand close up

Legalization has the potential to reduce judicial burden, boost employment and offer a new revenue stream for First Nations populations

Most provinces face bigger fiscal woes, says a report from the federal budget watchdog

But their progress may be threatened by U.S. economic and tax policies

Saskatchewan and B.C. are expected to tie for second place, according Conference Board of Canada’s spring provincial outlook

The province is one of only two in Atlantic Canada to be in the black, with Nova Scotia also poised to table its second consecutive balanced budget

Three of the Atlantic provinces, hobbled by debt and population losses, resorted to tax hikes in their latest budgets