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Legalization has the potential to reduce judicial burden, boost employment and offer a new revenue stream for First Nations populations

Most provinces face bigger fiscal woes, says a report from the federal budget watchdog

But their progress may be threatened by U.S. economic and tax policies

Saskatchewan and B.C. are expected to tie for second place, according Conference Board of Canada’s spring provincial outlook

The province is one of only two in Atlantic Canada to be in the black, with Nova Scotia also poised to table its second consecutive balanced budget

Three of the Atlantic provinces, hobbled by debt and population losses, resorted to tax hikes in their latest budgets

Provinces face diverging credit challenges after oil price drop: Moody’s

Oil-producing provinces face fiscal headwinds

The oil shock is hitting producer provinces hard. But in B.C., the lower C$ and population growth are driving prosperity

Canada’s provinces are approaching balanced budgets and stabilizing their debt burdens

The federal government’s net debt is set to be eliminated in 35 years