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business angel against the sky

Fourth province gives full enforcement toolkit to IIROC

Financial accounting business sheet calculator

The province’s economy is booming, finance minister says

Canada’s smallest province had the biggest year-over-year population growth last year in the country – thanks to an influx of immigrants. Now, for the first time in its history (and as promised by Premier Wade MacLauchlan’s Liberal government), Prince Edward Island’s population hit the 150,000 mark. The latest figures from Statistics Canada show that P.E.I’.s […]

IIROC reaches settlement with three former All Group reps

The SRO will be able to collect monetary sanctions from securities violators through the province’s Supreme Court without seeking approval in each case

HST will increase to 15%

Continued but muted growth is expected for P.E.I., with the aerospace and processed-foods industries as drivers

P.E.I.'s economy is expected to get a boost this year, as demand from the U.S. and Canada ramps up

Aerospace will not grow as rapidly as in 2013. And reduced public spending will also hurt the island province

Continued sluggishness in the U.S. and European economies

  • By: Olivia Li
  • February 6, 2012 October 28, 2019
  • 12:43

Construction and agrifood are main drivers, but a dip in “clean energy” projects could reduce capital spending