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Making “test and try” your mantra

Dan Richards explains how a "test and try" mindset can accelerate new initiatives and put "agile development" to work in your business

The starting point for any business owner is his or her vision of the future - what the advisor wants his or her world to look like at some point down the road

Immediate demands and a "sea of email" can force you to focus on short-term issues. Taking time every week to reflect on your practice from a big-picture perspective can help you position your business for growth

When hammering out a plan to join forces with another advisor, your experience in bargaining with clients and others may help you strike a deal. Start by asking yourself: "What is the alternative?"

Although disconnecting completely from your office is still the best way to get a restful vacation, some advisors have found ways to check in without spoiling their time off

As an employer, you know your most important resource is your human capital. You and your employees represent your organization and are responsible for generating revenue and profit. You can measure your employees’ productivity and engagement. But what about their health? Are your employees healthy, or just one day away from a lengthy illness? Safe […]

  • By: Paul Brent
  • March 1, 2017 December 18, 2017
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Independence has both benefits and costs. Here are some factors to consider

Advisors will continue to have an important role in an increasingly technology-dependent world. The job will be to engage clients in determining the best courses of action to meet their goals

Gathering your team in new surroundings can help generate new ideas

Financial advisors could learn valuable lessons from American Express - on attracting, retaining and communicating with clients - in this increasingly competitive environment. Speed and innovation are key