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woman in a virtual conference

With events moving online, you may be forced to network digitally. Here’s how to make the most of the experience

The IAFP focuses in on increasing its membership

Make your quiet confidence work in your favour

The IAFP focuses in on increasing its membership

An informal approach to meeting new contacts can multiply your COI network

Determine the message you want to convey and follow up with attendees

Make networking comfortable and effective

Dan Richards, CEO, Client Insights, gives tips on outlines an approach to help advisors overcome negative associations surrounding networking.

Five steps to networking success

In this week’s Gaining Altitude, Dan Richards, CEO, Client Insights, explains five steps that successful advisors implement when it comes to networking.

Many advisors become frustrated when their efforts to meet new people fail to produce prospects right away. Developing a rapport with new contacts takes time and patience

Determine whether a networking exercise will be worthwhile

These simple steps will boost your confidence and your results

An ability to remember names and other details is key to a successful business