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Federal reserve building, Washington DC

Bank failures led to the largest growth in non-deposit borrowing on record

Eurotower in Frankfurt am Main before sundown

Central banks' pivot could test markets' resilience


Global policy group details priorities ahead of G20 meeting later this week

U.S. Customs and Border Protection international checkpoint between Canada and the United States of America

Canadian investors trim foreign holdings for first time since financial crisis

World graph

Canadians bought U.S. stocks while foreign investors added Canadian equities and government debt

Dollar sign blowing away

Bankers' Acceptances, which represent 20% of money market, expected to disappear in 2024

Hot air balloon in very stormy weather

Interest rate hikes have made conservative fixed-income funds more rewarding

Little girl and dad saving money in piggy bank stock photo

Regulators' efforts to address liquidity crunch should strengthen money market funds

business chart showing financial success

Efforts to curb greenwashing, boost transparency could lead to outflows, Fitch says

Big Ben, Westminster Bridge on River Thames in London, the UK. English symbol. Lovely puffy clouds, sunny day

The FCA is seeking changes to address liquidity concerns revealed in March 2020