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Grand opening, cutting red ribbon

Disruptions prove more significant than expected, as demand remains robust

The timing of an interest rate increase depends on the economic recovery

The central bank also said it would maintain its quantitative easing program

United States Federal Reserve System symbol

Chair Jerome Powell signalled the beginning of the end of the Fed's pandemic response in a Friday speech

change direction

Since the pandemic began, this is the first such move for a major central bank in Asia

United States Federal Reserve System symbol

Some of the Fed's policymakers have argued that the bond purchases are driving up prices

confused man

CIBC's top economist crunched the economic data

Close-up Of Businesswoman Stopping The Effect Of Domino With Hand

A number of Republicans have already criticized the Fed for not beginning to taper

a man on a precipice

Covid-19 is far from over, but prepared investors can withstand its effects

Federal reserve building, Washington DC

More progress is needed on employment, price stability before tapering bond purchases, Powell says