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Construction sector leads decline in payroll employment


In re-election speeches, U.S. president says his agenda has triggered a resurgence in factory work


Chemical products and motor vehicles were winners, while primary metals fell

TD says firms banked recent high profits, bolstering balance sheets

Inflation causing price rising up, overvalued stock or funds, consumer purchasing power reducing concept, air balloon tied with product price tag flying high rising up in the sky.

Inflation shifts from goods to services, BMO report explains

Steel worker on CNC plasma cutter machine

Green transition could provide a spark to domestic production, TD says

Closeup of woman holding shopiing bags on the street with copy space

Consumers and sectors are expected to be disproportionately affected

Metal worker teaching trainee on machine use

Scotiabank's model forecast declines as supply issues dog sales in May

Steel worker on CNC plasma cutter machine

Eight in 10 manufacturers and exporters surveyed say they have had to raise prices

Steel worker on CNC plasma cutter machine

The sector faces challenges as the pandemic stymies immigration and causes people to rethink their careers